Mother's Day




We all know that children love their mothers the most. To show their gratitude and respect for their mothers, students at Laurels presented a wonderful special programme on the Mother’s Day. It began with a welcome address by our principal Dr. Arun Prakash, followed by speeches by our chief guest Mr. K.P Singh, SP, and parents. Children performed various programmes for their mothers and sang the song ‘Pyari Maa’ and presented flowers and hand-made cards to their mothers. Loving video messages recorded by children for their mothers were also played during the programme.

Ms. Joanne Frearson, global head of business development at Laurels Global, UK, sent a touching video message from London, applauding the efforts of mothers. The programme was concluded by an inspirational speech by our chief guest Mr. K.P. Singh, who said that the blessings of mothers continue throughout the life of a person.

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