Adventure camp



Adventure camp thrills children with mountaineering activities

Holland and Denmark-based organisation Globe Trot and India’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering organised a two-day adventure camp at Laurels International School to thrill children with activities such as going from one building to another on a wire at the height of 100 feet and climbing down from a height of 150 feet by a rope.


Ultra-modern imported tents, which are used by mountaineers to climb mountains such as the Everest, were set up for 8 to 15-years old children, who had a unique experience of spending the night with stars under the open sky.





The camp was inaugurated by Senior Caption Tushar Bharadwaj, who came from Denmark. Experts from the mountaineering institute trained children in First-Aid and demonstrated skills to help themselves and other in the event of a natural calamity.



Laurels International School’s Principal Dr. Arun Prakash said that his school is committed to provide all those facilities to children which are available to children in foreign countries. He said that such adventure camps are very common in foreign countries, but are quite rare in India.



Avni, a class-3 student, was initially scared to climb down from a three-story building but she was thrilled and very happy after completing the task.

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