Storytelling Workshop



Laurels teacher attends storytelling workshop

Laurels International School’s English teacher Ms Naaz Hashmi attended a story telling workshop for teachers in Allahabad, conducted by Ms Jayshree Sethi, Creative Director of Storyghar.


The workshop, organised by Scholastic, highlighted that students can effectively learn through the medium of storytelling, which can be presented in the form of a theatre. Storytelling helps children to improve their imagination, listening power, memory and vocabulary.


Ms Sethi said that teacher should keep some points in mind while organinsing storytelling sessions such as reading stories several times, setting the time according to the level of students, continuity, facial expressions and proper gestures and voice modulation.

Ms Hashmi said that the workshop was an amazing experience and helped her in learning several new things, besides providing an opportunity to meet new people from different schools. She said the storytelling technique can be included in teaching practices to help students to progress well.



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