English Extempore Competition Results

English Extempore Competition Results

A global pandemic can restrict activities but cannot stop creativity. It can close one gate, but not all. Laurels International School is a shining example of this statement.

Laurels flagged off its first “Fun Saturday” of the new session by organising an online English Extempore Speech Competition on April 10, and many more such events will follow.

Laurels Online English Extempore Competition

The participants were divided into two groups. The senior section comprised students from class VIII to XII, while the junior group had children from class IV to VII. The participants had to speak for three minutes on one of the two randomly-selected topics.

The competition was conducted online by Ms Sadaf Farooqui  and Ms. Rimsha Hashmi. All the participants showed great oratory skills. Be it a class IV or a class IX student, every participant had something to contribute with confidence. This put a lot of pressure on the judges — Ms. Pallabi Dey and Ms. Deeksha Dubey — to choose the winners.


First Place: Laxmi Kesarwani (VIII)
Second Place: Aradhy Shrivastav (XII)
Third Place: Anushka Gupta (X)
First Place: Aradhya Shrivastav (VI)
Second Place: Suryavardhan Singh (VI)
Third Place: Parul Yadav (VI)
Honourable Mentions:
Avani Srivastava (X)
Ishita Singh (VIII)
Shambhavi Lal Srivastav (X)
Shashwati Lal Srivastav (VIII)
Siddhant Mandape (VIII)
Honourable Mentions:
Arya Pandey (VII)
Aryan Verma (VI)
Ayush Kesarwani (VI)
Kavyansh Thakur (VII)