Our Principal

Dr. Arun Prakash

Principal, Laurels International School

Laurels International School is under the caring hands of Principal Dr. Arun Prakash, who has worked as the founder principal of several Delhi Public Schools (DPS) including DPS Guwahati and DPS Saudi Arabia.

He has received the National Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of education from the then president of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Dr. Prakash, a Ph.D. degree holder, has more than 30 years of experience in education, mostly as the head of an institution.

Dr. Prakash is also associated with several international organisations. He is a member of the National College of Education Literacy, UK; Principals’ Centre, Howard University, USA; and Educational Facility Planners International, USA.

Dr. Prakash has been associated with the following schools.

* Delhi Public School, Saudi Arabia – Founder Principal
* Pathway International School, Dubai – Founder Principal 
* Delhi Public School, Guwahati – Founder Principal
* Delhi Public School, Bilaspur – Founder Principal
* SAI International School, Bhubneswar – Founder Principal and Director

He has conducted several seminars, symposiums, camps, tours and excursions. Widely-travelled and well read, he believes that children should love their school. During his previous assignment as Principal and Director of SAI International School, Bhubaneswar, Dr. Prakash organised video conferencing with 30 schools of the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain and Singapore; arranged student and teacher exchange programmes with 5 schools abroad, introduced smart e-class rooms for teaching via multimedia presentations.

Dr. Prakash has replicated the similar success story at Laurels International School, and introduced several other modern and advanced educational practices prevalent in the developed world.

Being the founder principal of several schools, Dr. Prakash has recruited, trained and motivated more than 250 teachers at various levels to take the responsibility of the prestigious profession of teaching.

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