Details of Hindi Poetry Recitation Contest

Details of Hindi Poetry Recitation Contest

Reading books is not the only medium of learning, but fun-filled activities and competitions also enhance the learning process. Keeping this in mind, a Hindi Poem Recitation Competition is being organized by Laurels International School on April 17, 2021.

Hindi Poetry Recitation Contest

Children from Classes IV to XII can participate in the competition. Any poem in Hindi, based on a patriotic theme or the nature, can be recited. The time limit will be three minutes. The following judgement criteria will followed:

  • Relevance with the theme and the content: 10 Marks
  • Presentation — body language, actions and gestures: 10 Marks
  • Pronunciation, diction and voice modulation: 10 Marks

Interested children should fill the Google Form Class mentors will select children and prepare them to present in the best possible form. Participation certificates will be awarded to the participants selected by class mentors. The first three position holders in each group will be awarded in the school function.