Laurels TV

Laurels TV

LAURELS TV, an initiative of Laurels International School, aims to provide its students a platform to hone their presentation and communication skills. First of its kind in the region, the TV studio is run and managed by children, who use advanced recording and editing facilities at the school to prepare programmes incorporating news, interviews, short films, social events and community activities. Some of the programmes produced and directed by children are listed below.

Tony Austin, Chairman of Laurels International School and Laurels Global UK, addresses the staff and guests from London on the occasion of a cultural evening via a video message.

Laurels student Archisha interviews world-famous Indian classical dancer Sonal Mansingh Ji during her visit to inaugurate the school’s dance studio.

Sampurna Jan Gan Man – Indian National Anthem – presented by Laurels International School Allahabad students for Laurels TV.

A short movie – written, edited, directed and produced by he year IX students of Laurels International School, Allahabad for laurels TV.

Pt. Bhajan Sapori, noted Santoor player in conversation with Laurels TV on the great instrument and its impact on youngsters.


Kavita Dwibedi, leading Odissi dancer and the founder of Odissi Akademi in Delhi, talks to Laurels TV after performing at the school.

Purnima Tiwari of Laurels International School interviewing a delegate from India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) event organized by Laurels. 


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